Sunday, March 30, 2008


I'm a shit head I know it. I've been crafting away and leaving you, my partially dedicated reader, in the balance! I've been crafting up a bunch of stuff to sell at a fancy schmancy baby shop. I am in good with the manager (hi MIL!) and the owner (hey Aunt Lu) so I know they will buy my stuff to sell there.
My MIL recently asked me why I hadn't brought in a bunch of cute baby hats to sell at her store. I was shocked because I didn't realize the offer I had recieved was a serious one! I just thought she was complimenting my stuff when she asked to sell it. I am now working my ass off making baby stuff.
I figure whatever doesn't sell I know a ton (haha) of preggo chickies that would love to have their child's head look like a giant sunflower with leaves around the band. For now You'll have to sit there and imagine it. I need to take a million pictures and edit a million more.
I admit though, that its because I've been lazy. Darren finally went back to work after his entire week off for spring break. It was exhausting to have him at home because he upset my time flow the whole time! Most days he had me awake before noon and forced me to make lunch AND dinner for him! Boooo!!! Why can't he eat ramens out of tupperware like I do on vacation?
We definitely had a good time though. I got him high by making him watch movies with me in the Bitch Cave. He got the munchies during the Bourne Ultimatum and ate all the pistachios and combos. Bastard! It wasn't that I wanted the munchies (although I wouldn't have turned some down) it was that he was crunching the whole time and I get deaf when I'm stoned. I could hardly hear everything blowing up! I actually used the subtitles to keep abreast of the situation because Mr. McCrunchMaster had drowned out all dialogue.
Now I'm back to my normal schedule. Except that I now have 2 weeks worth of laundry to do. I'm not doing it before noon though! Oh yeah, and pics soon I hope, unless I get peanut butter on the lens again.

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