Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Okay, so I made a bunch more hats and stuff to sell. My MIL bought all the boring ones and requested more boring ones. I will get pics for y'all. I also have a blanket and some puppets I need to take pics of.

I have a gift for Jacki that I'm trying to finish up. Looooong over due! I'm so sorry! It's going badly right now, but if it works out it might be the coolest thing ever. I'm pretty frustrated right now, but I think it'll work out.

I'm sorry I haven't taken pictures lately. I know I should take in progress pics at least. I promise I'll get my camera out tonight and start snapping!

Other than that, I'm pretty bitchy today. Its just that a lot of things are not going the way that I hoped they would so I'm taking the opportunity to feel sorry for myself.

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