Sunday, April 20, 2008

Vagina Day

So Lauren and Angie decided that I needed to spend time with people some time during the week. We all got together and planned to meet every Sunday. Somehow the day got named Vagina Day. We meet up and talk, eat, craft and generally talk girly crap. Today we had a major paper party. We all had seperate projects that needed to get done. I wanted to make some gifts for some friends of mine, Angie needed to make her wedding invitiations and Lauren made a "scrapbook" of the pictures customers of the costume shop have taken. It was a blast! There were glue sticks and paper bits all over. Here are the results of my endeavors for the day. They are thank you cards that some lucky preggo friend will get. When I got married and the 2nd time I got pregnant I needed lots of thank you cards and had to make them all myself. Hopefully these will alleviate some stress for the lucky mom to be.

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