Monday, October 6, 2008

The Popsicle Stick House

Way back in the day of knights and shining armor and Nintendo wasn't invented.... (okay, I only know like 3 people who are going to get that joke. Plus I don't think they read my blog anyway) So yeah, Nintendo was invented,but the 64 was still way in the distant future. The point is, that digital cameras didn't exist either.

Anyway, I had a project in the 5th grade. We all had to build a log cabin. It could be built of anything, we could have our parents' help, but we couldn't use a kit. Of course me being the overacheiver that I am (was?) had to make it all decked out. My parents both love a good school project so the fam was off and running. It took the 4 of us I think a week of evenings to make the be all end all of popsicle stick cabins. We used a couple of boxes of sticks, a few bottles of glue and a box of toothpicks. The door had a handle and canvas hinges. The structure was built more soundly than our own apartment and there was furniture. We had a cabinet with shelves and dishes, there was a table and chairs plus a rug. My mom made an awesome tiny rocking chair out of toothpicks. She soaked the toothpicks in water all day then let them dry under a fire extinguisher to curve the toothpicks so it really rocked.

All my class mates were so angry and jealous because they thought we made it from a kit, but we used supplies we already had. It was so good in fact, this is really the actual truth, that the other 5th grade classes all came in to see it. Unfortunately we glued the roof on without thinking that maybe it could be functional. It had windows and a door though, so it wasn't very hard to see the insinde anyway.

One day, a few years later, it died. We were moving and the vacuum cleaner fell out of the truck right onto the cabin. It broke into a million pieces and I mourned it for a long time. I've been wanting to make another one since. I finally got off my lazy ass and sat down on my lazy ass to make it last night! I made some floor braces and am about to start laying the foundation. Yay!!!

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