Saturday, October 11, 2008

the Visitor

I just watched the Visitor. It's a movie about an aimless man who finds squatters in the apartment he never uses. He lets them stay and they give him direction. Of course. That being said, here's where I'm getting...
If you've seen Stranger Than Fiction you'll know where this is going in a minute. If you haven't stop reading this, go rent it and watch it. Oh, and rent the Visitor too, but watch it second. There's a scene where Harold is told that the book needs to be finished the way it was written. That's because it was a writer's masterpeice. She doesn't end up finishing the book like she would have and the masterpeice disappeared. I think this movie left the same feeling that reading her story untouched would have left.
I feel like crying, laughing... everything. It was amazing and terrible, beautiful and ugly.

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