Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today I made marshmallow fondant to cover the cake I baked yesterday. I love the recipe and the texture. the whole thing is a success so far. Tonight I'm frosting it and we're taking it for a test run. I already think I will add more honey to my next cake though. The spices are good but I think with the frosting it might not shine as much. I may tweak them, but not much.
I also expect to finish the cake topper tonight. They only need arms and some clothes. The clothing will be mostly hand stitched so they won't be breakable like clay.
I am going to add 2 more things to my thank you package. I'm not sure what yet but something small. I made 2 things already. The book I finished making last night ended up taking the longest of any swap project I've ever done!
My angel package is coming along okay. I'm going to make a couple of more things. I made a cool cuff today that totally rocks though! D talked me into using the vulcan sign for my project and it's great! Pics later.
I still haven't worked any on my mom's blanket though. Bleh. I also haven't done anything new with my poor doll house either. Oh well.
D and I got married on this day 4 years ago and are celebrating in the peace of doing nothing at all. It's great and I'm crafting away. *happy sigh*

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Lisa M. Dalton said...

sounds like a good day.